Phuket Angel Tour Update – Suwankuha Cave Temple Phang Nga Thailand

An Angel Tour this week

Inside the elephant cave there is the spot that people called ” holy water pond” which that water came from droplet of water from stalagmite & stalactite on the ceiling & everybody believes that if you make a wish in front of that holy water and you do the splashing water over your head then your wish will come true.

This reclining Buddha is inside the Suwankuha Cave Temple , it is 15 m long ka.


< This is the pic of my customer inside the Suwankuha Cave Temple , after climbing upon the top of the cave they were sitting & relaxing .

< These 2 pics are at the Elephant Cave, they were getting on the canoe exploring inside the cave. It’s the most relaxing time & stunning feeling how the nature can creates something amazing like that. ( everyone made a same comment & I felt the same , very fortune to have a good chance to see inside there) but they not allow to take a pic as it will effect of stalagmites growing.

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